MR Electric & Security Zone

Hand Held Metal Detector:

Hand held metal detectors are designed for fast and efficient daily use, to accurately detect knives, weapons, and blunt metal objects. It is an alternative and complementary tool to fixed scanners, which bring more mobility and flexibility.  A single sweep scan on a subject’s body or on a travel bag is sufficient to detect hidden metal objects.

With high sensitivity to all metals, your teams can easily detect weapons, metal objects, in all situations, in compliance with the latest security standards:

Advantages of Hand Held Metal Detector

  • Security at Airports & Boarding Docks
  • Security at Festivals & Fair Entry Gate
  • Door Security at Office & Factory Entry
  • Security at Educational & Local Institutions

Type of Hand Held Metal Detector

  • Flat Elongated
  • Flat Round
  • Cylindrical
  • Cylindrical shortened

Archway / Walk-Through Metal Detectors:

Security is a rising concern in the world today.

Most walk through metal detector arches use what is called pulse induction (PI) technology to detect metal objects. The pulse induction system sends a short burst of current (pulse) through a coil of wire (transmitter) located in the side of the archway. This creates an electromagnetic field around the coil which covers the area through which a person must walk under the arch. Typically, a PI based system will send around 100 pulses per second but this can vary, depending on the make and model. If a person walking through the arch is carrying a metal object this will cause the pulsing magnetic field to be disturbed and reflected. This is picked up by another coil of wire (receiver) and used to trigger an alert to tell the operator that the person is carrying something metallic.

Advantages of Archway / Walk-Through

  • Prevent Incoming Weapons & Sharp Objects
  • Ensure The Safety of People on Site
  • Give People Entry & Exit Process Agility
  • Avoid Embarrassment

Vehicle Inspection Systems:

It allows service technicians to detect and inspect undercarriage issues on heavy-duty trucks and vehicles with precision and in less time to decrease labor while increasing production.