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RG6 Coaxial Cable (Dish & CCTV) 1.02 mm 100 & 300 Meter Coil Price in BD.

Coaxial Cable (Dish) RG-6 1.02 mm
Item code: 810190
Brand: Kengaroo / Sammim
Type: Coaxial Cable
Unit: Coil
Length: 100/300 Meter
No of Core: 1
Size: 1.02 mm
PE Insulated Copper Wire Braided & FR PVC Sheathed Co-axial Cable
Color: Black (As given picture).

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Features Of RG 6 Coaxial Cable:
☛Center conductor
High-density copper
Nominal diameter- 0.064” (1.63 mm)

Gas Expanded Polyethylene
Nominal Diameter over Dielectric: 0.280” (7.11 mm)

1st Shield Laminated Aluminum Tape Bonded to the Dielectric
Nominal Diameter over Tape: 0.287” (7.29 mm)
2nd shield: 34 AWG Aluminum Braid wire
60% Coverage

Nominal Diameter over Jacket: 0.400” (10.16 mm)
Nominal Jacket Thickness: 0.042” (1.07 mm)

☛Electrical Properties:
Impedance: 75.0 +/-3.0 Ohms
The velocity of Propagation: 85.0% Nominal
Structural Return Loss: 5 MHz to 1000 MHz ≥ 20db, 1000MHz to 3000 MHz ≥15db
Nominal DC Resistance (Ohms/km): Center Conductor: 41.0, Outer Conductor: 22.5
Attenuation @68 °F (20 °C)


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