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12V 2A Outdoor Waterproof AC/DC Power Adapter for CCTV Camera

Key Features
Model: CCD 12V 2A
Size: 9x5x4cm
Power Output(Watt) :24W
Output Voltage (V)/Current (A): 12V 2A
AC Input Voltage: 100 AC-240 AC (50HZ-60HZ)

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12V2A CCTV Camera Adapter

Easily power your security cameras with this plug-in power supply! This DC power supply will output 12 volts up to 1 Amp. PW154 is a multi-channel output CCTV power supply, popular for home and small business camera installations. Simply plugs into one 120V AC outlet and it supplies regulated 12 volts D.C. to four cameras. Output has four standard 2.1mm barrel plug, center positive, it can plug into CCTV power & video cables or to plug directly into a CCTV camera’s power harness. This allows multiple cameras to be centrally powered maintaining camera sync and simplifying the installation process.


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